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A. Khurshid Bhatti

Chief Executive Officer/ President

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Mr. A. Khurshid Bhatti is leading AHD as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr. Bhatti has 26 years’ experiences with NGOs, INGOs and Funding Agencies. He is winner of   5-International Awards which include APFED Showcase, Energy Globe Award 2014 & 2019 Austria, Healthcare Innovation Award from GSK-UK. He is renown speaker on water & sanitation, organic agriculture and drought mitigation sectors. Since its inception in Jan 1, 2007, he is working as Founding President/CEO of AHD Pakistan. Mr. Bhatti has taken efforts to expand AHD programs in African countries, and have replicated safe drinking water model there as well. Mr. Bhatti has credited several programs on sustainable solutions among rural communities of Pakistan. He is innovator of bio sand Nadi Water Filter in Pakistan, which is accredited by UNHABITAT in its Wastewater Management Policy Guidelines. He has successfully managed around 98 projects in Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda and Mozambique. He has credited several training and learning opportunities in various countries around the globe. He has got post graduate degree in Agriculture agronomy from Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam, Sindh Pakistan.


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