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Given the problems of safe drinking water in Kenya, the CEO of AHD was called upon to attend the Innovate 4 Water Kenya Kisumu Conference as a speaker for “Innovative Nadi Filter Technology” on February 6–7, 2019. The I4W conference was attended by more than 200 humanitarian actors, NGOs, and INGOs from all over Kenya and other countries. At the end of the conference, AHD was offered to replicate Nadi Filter technology in Kenya to address the safe drinking water problem of rural people in Kenya. AHD organized 05 two-day training for Nadi Filter in Mumusia County, Kaka Mega, Kisumu County Slum Area, and Kiberia County Slum Area in Nairobi. Along with this, the AHD team visited five counties: Kajiado, Kiambu, Muranga, Kirinyaga, and Nyeri. AHD has reached 300 households for the provision of safe drinking water through Nadi Filter during 2019. And the organization is planning to head forward with more outreach in Kenya to facilitate people’s access to safe drinking water.