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Sustainable Solutions

AHD has been very proactive to the people and to their culture by bringing them together to understand their needs, identify priorities and find sustainable solutions. AHD believes that solutions could only survive until they are contextual, indigenous, appropriate and adoptable, which nowhere be learnt without focusing the local culture, and wisdom during the social transitions. AHD being native organization in Pakistan has focused women for sustainable solutions program to take lead for the change making endeavors with AHD.

Under this program, AHD has completed 06 projects with support of Local Grant, Misereor Germany, Unilever Pakistan and Global Giving. These projects have focused to provide solutions to impeding problems which women face in their homes and communities. AHD has provided women training and capacity building on mother & child health awareness, women rights awareness to rural women, formation and strengthening of women organization, health & hygiene awareness in girls, sewing and handicraft centers and organization has supported 1000 girls to go to schools.Overall, 4350 women and girls are supported under sustainable solution program.