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Climate Resilience 

AHD being a vibrant organization has adopted climate resilience as a key program to uplift communities throughout the emerging climate change factors which impact their lives. Under this program AHD has multisectoral and multi-faceted plans to bring communities at the edge to solve their own problems by engaging them in climate smart agriculture, nature based locally led activities, plantation of fruit trees and strengthening their local institutions and infrastructures. In order to substantially benefit communities AHD focuses on inclusion and participation in climate resilience and other programs.

AHD has completed 02 climate resilience projects with support of WWF and Tree for the Future – USA.  Under these projects AHD has ensured plantation of 25000 trees, developed capacity of local community, strengthened local community organizations, and installed fuel-efficient cooking stove to decrease carbon emissions and improve women health. Under these project AHD has supported 6000 households in Pakistan.