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Building Bridges: Partnerships for Safe Drinking Water through Nadi filter Solutions in Pakistan

Mr. A. Khurshid Bhatti took the initiative to promote Nadi filter technology in various regions of Punjab to address the issue of contaminated water for drinking purposes. With this aim, Mr. A. Khurshid Bhatti, CEO of AHD, visited Islamabad and organized a meeting with Mr. Mahr Farukh Abbas Dab to discuss Nadi filter water solutions. The primary focus was on the critical topic of the use and maintenance of WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) facilities in rural areas of Jhang.

Following the meeting, he conducted TOT (Training of Trainers) sessions in the village of Jhang, Punjab. The participants included Dr. Nazakat Ul Hasnain (DVM), Muhammad Murtaza, Chairman of the Insaf Youth Party, Muhammad Ali Raza, Water Expert, Muhammad Irfan Al, Chemist, Muhammad Yousuf, Civil Engineer, and Mr. Asif Sultan, who created the video about the Nadi filter. Village community members were also included in the Nadi filter training.

Additionally, he met with Mr. Asif Khan, Consultant at the Asian Development Bank, for productive discussions and strategic planning regarding water crisis issues. He also engaged in discussions with Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) Pvt Ltd. regarding the maintenance of WASH Facilities in peri-urban and rural areas, as well as IDP camps across Pakistan. Furthermore, they received a lovely gift hamper from ECI Pvt Ltd.

Subsequently, Mr. A. Khurshid Bhatti and his team in Islamabad proudly inaugurated the AHD Rawalpindi, Islamabad office at Al-Fateh Institute of Allied Health Sciences Islamabad. They expressed their gratitude to AFIAHS for the warm welcome and the shield of appreciation.

AHD office in Islamabad not only symbolizes a new chapter in the organization’s journey but also underscores the collective commitment to addressing water crises nationwide. With continued determination and coordinated action, we are poised to make a lasting impact on water quality and public health outcomes across Pakistan.

Innovation in Action: AHD Islamabad Team’s Role in Clean Drinking Water Crisis Mitigation. Click here to watch

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