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Activity, Enviroment, Health, TOT Training of Nadi Filter

Nadi Filter Implemented in County Kisumu, Kenya, Africa.

AHD organized the TOT training of the Nadi Filter in the slum area of County Kisumu to access safe and clean drinking water in their community. This innovation of the AHD Nadi filter unit contributed to the safe drinking water crisis. The community benefited from this innovation in terms of access to safe and clean drinking water facilities at their doorsteps, a cheap and reliable source of clean water, protection from water-borne diseases, being replicable and easy to design, and being able to use it at all levels.

The training was well received by the villagers, especially the women. Mr. A. Khurshid Bhatti trained the community activist to make the Nadi filter unit at household level. The training improved the community’s capacity and enhanced their abilities. CBOs are formed to ensure the sustainability of the Nadi filter and engage the community in training with full participation.

Following their training with the Nadi filter, Kisumu women demonstrated their joy by dancing and singing:

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