To Empower Women, gender equability, socio economic development that promotes respect for all.


Women leadership enhancement and resource that advances gender equity and social justice through education, advocacy, and leadership for the poor communities in Pakistan.

Goals and Objectives

Women Empowerment: AHD policy is to form female CBOs at village / Mahalla level to strengthen their leadership at local level and provide opportunity for there to discuss their problems and find out solutions with the help of AHD Women staff.

Searching Women Leadership: Search of the women leaders at village & Mahala level via village CBOs as President/Vice President/Secretary and Treasurer of the CBOs (Community based organizations) that helps to promote leadership at local level.

Women Economic Development: Program will start of saving schemes, entrepreneur & loan schemes for women, to help them to increase income at household level.

Women Skill Development: The program will start of skill training centers, sewing & cutting, embroidery, beatification, handicraft and other local skills provision through different short courses in sewing and skill training centers.

Education: Facilitate efforts to ensure equity and opportunity and increase awareness of diversity by providing and supporting programs, services, and research opportunities that focus on gender-related issues.

Advocacy: Strengthen relationships across diverse women groups by providing programs, services, and trainings for women leaders.

Projects & Activities of Women Empowerment Program:

  1. Women CBOS Formation: since 2007-2008 AHD organized some 320 women CBOs (Community Based Organization) in Districts Sujawal, Thatta, Badin & Tando M. Khan. The women residing in rural far & scattered areas now have opportunity to get together, to discuss their problems with each other & AHD female staff for its solution. Hundreds of women become leaders through their women CBO formation, now they visit each other and meet other village women. Hundreds of women empowered and working in their villages for their development as well as family development. Future Target: AHD looking support to organize more women into village CBOs in coming years to bring help for them at their door step.
    Women CBOS Formation Women CBOS Formation Women CBOS Formation Women CBOS Formation

  2. Girl Initiative Education Program: Girl Initiative Education program started in 25 villages of Jati area in 2008-2009 and successfully 372 girls enrolled in nearby Govt: primary schools . since 2009-2010 AHD higher managed given task to the women program team to enroll young girls in nearby Govt. primary schools and mobilize parents to send their girls for study in primary schools. AHD team every year help village CBO women leaders to send their young girls into Govt primary schools nearby their villages.

    In future: AHD plans to reach out more and more rural families and mobilize them to send their girls to schools. This is the cheap and innovative idea to promote girls and women education as we have large networks of Govt. primary schools in rural areas.
    Girl Initiative Education Program Girl Initiative Education Program

  3. Sewing & Skill Training Centers for Women: Since 2007-2008 AHD program staff doing efforts to bring quick change in rural women and help them to get training and skills at their door step. In this regard no. of trainings conducted in rural areas and sewing machines distributed in more than 200 women during 2010-2011. Afterwards in 2012 AHD started Sewing & Skill Training centers in slum areas of Hyderabad and so far 09 sewing and skill training centers completed their sewing and skill training courses and trained total 180 women got trainings & skills of sewing and cutting at their door step in slum dweller areas of Hyderabad.

    Future Target: AHD Women Program now able trained 500 women through 20 sewing & skill training centers in one year and every year sewing and skill training centers will be increased accordingly.
    Sewing and Skill Training Centers for Women Sewing and Skill Training Centers for Women Sewing and Skill Training Centers for Women Sewing and Skill Training Centers for Women Sewing and Skill Training Centers for Women Sewing and Skill Training Centers for Women Sewing and Skill Training Centers for Women

  4. Women Boutique of AHD: AHD women leaders doing efforts to encourage women through different women activities, sewing & skill trainings is the main source or learning of poor women. AHD maintained one Boutique at AHD office for women to sale their products and earn income at their door step.

    Boutique maintained by women leaders running sewing and skill training centers in slum areas.
    Women Boutique of AHD Women Boutique of AHD