1st Jan to Dec 31st 2016
Nampula, Mozambique
Nadi Water Filter
Nadi Water Filter

Title Proposal

Proposal for setting-up of Self Help Biological Sand Water Filters and natural fertilizer production in Mozambique, Africa

Project Area

Nampula Province of Mozambique

Submitted by

Association for Humanitarian Development (AHD)
House # 39/b, Block-D, Unit. No. 2, Latifabad, Hyderabad,
Sindh, Pakistan.
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Website: www.ahdpak.org

Sustainable Sanitation Design Norway

SuSan Design is a business oriented foundation that aims to: Deliver innovative service concepts and products to form a sanitation value chain assuring low income countries with quality sanitation systems. It spearheads scalable implementation strategies of sanitation services based on local entrepreneurship, management incentives and value creation through the transformation of human excreta into a safe soil improvement product and natural fertilizers for agriculture.

SuSan Design has developed and tested 2 products to facilitate the link between sanitation and agriculture: Secondary Treatment Unit (STU) and unisex urinal. The STU for human “waste” tested outside Kampala, Uganda (by winning Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation seed money 2011) proved that human “waste” from toilets can be turned into a safe and valuable fertilizer in 45 day (off grid). The Unisex Urinal developed with women in Uganda was tested in a Nairobi slum (Kenya) with very positive results among women and children.

SuSan Design has carried out a baseline survey in Lifidzi, Tete province (Mozambique) and is working for green city project in Nampula province (Mozambique).

Sustainable Sanitation Design (SuSan Design)
Sustainable Sanitation Design (SuSan Design)
Sustainable Sanitation Design (SuSan Design)
Ekebergveien 138a. Oslo, 1178 -Norway
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Email: karsten@susan-design.org
Website: www.susan-design.org