• Contingency Plan 2013

    Contingency Plan 2013

    Contingency Planning by AHD Hyderabad for Distrit Thatta and Badin 2013

  • Climate Change

    Climate Change

    AHD starts disaster preparedness & climate change awareness in some 230 village based CBOs for the capacity building of disaster hit area communities to wards disaster resilient communities in future,

  • Livelihood


    Since last decade the irrigation water is in shortage and it is deficiency increasing day by day, on other hand fertilizers and seeds heavily expensive which direct effect the per acre yield and culti

  • Women Empowerment Program

    Women Empowerment Program

    AHD envision Women empowerment in every front of life be it economic, social or political. Women make the half of our world but are still deprived and powerless there is significant need to uplift the