About Us Aims & Objectives

Aims and Objectives

  1. The association shall exclusively work on humanitarian considerations and the benefits of the association shall be open to irrespective of caste, creed, belief or community.
  2. The association will create awareness among the poor people in the fields of education, living condition, and health care, rehabilitation of disabled, agriculture and socio-economic areas purely on charitable basis within the limits of the resources available.
  3. To promote self-help activities enabling communities to better asses their needs and solve their problems them-selves making effective use of local resources and taking responsibility for development of their respected areas as a whole.
  4. The association will conduct seminars, workshops, exposure visits, training programs for the marginalized communities of the area in primary health care community based rehabilitation, animal husbandry, and agriculture extension services and school teachers for building their capacities for better health of human and animals and quality education of rural children and social development.
  5. The association will support communities in building their capacities for increasing the agricultural production and quality rational goods their by improving the bargaining power of their produce with comparatively better economic return.
  6. The association will conduct research in the areas of law income group households generally and its socio-economic and technological aspects in the fields of natural agriculture, farming, common resource properties (CRP), animal husbandry, sustainable land use management, primary health care and community based rehabilitation of disabled.
  7. The association will organize abd/or manage permanent and temporary hospital, basic health care centre, mother and child health (MCH) centres, centres of disabled children, mobiles dispensaries, research foundations and other projects.
  8. Integration of disabled persons in community life to accept, respect , feel comfortable with, assist, welcome in their lives and provide equal opportunities in public facilities.
  9. The association will take initiatives to work with women educational programs regarding women development especially in marginalized areas.
  10. The association will organize village based agriculture cooperative societies and precede loans to the poor farmers at low mark ups for income generation purposes and recover them to form permanent revolving funds on non-profit no-loss basis.
  11. The association will introduce new crop production technologies of land use, which is more sustainable and economic for the rural people.
  12. The association will raise funds by mean of subscriptions, donations and other financial contributions for the attainment of the above objects and to provide and arrange for adequate maintenance of the accounts of the association.
  13. The association will raise funds by means of development consultancies running development academy and through other legal and justifiable means for the attainment of the above aims and objectives of the association.
  14. The association will raise funds nationally and internationally in pursuance of AHD objectives.
  15. The association will purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire, in the name of association, any real or personal property bear wherever situated and construct, maintain and alter any building or erections as be deemed necessary from the time to time.
  16. When necessary hire services, grant and pay sum of any person as remuneration for services to the association.
  17. The association will establish close contacts to GOS, NGOs and other related research institutions to promote social development awareness among underprivileged communities.
  18. The association will help in the implementation of emergency relief in the event of natural and man make calamities and disasters such as famine, flood, epidemics and wars etc, to the people of Sindh province without any discrimination of religion, race, caste and creed.
  19. The association will do any acts and or engage in any or all other useful activities, which may be incidental or complementary to or useful in connection with carrying out the objectives of the association.
  20. The association will initiate participatory process of village development through supporting community-based organizations and strengthens to become effective and sustainable entities in the design, implementation and management.
  21. Association shall be run on non-profit, non-commercial and non-religious basis.
  22. To secure receive, accept and manage funds, donations, grants, endowments and any other moveable or immoveable property from law full sources nationally or internationally and to utilize them for the furthering and promoting the aims and objectives of the association. Subject to the approval of competent authority i.e. district admin/income tax department.
  23. The association shall confine its activities only to the objects of the Association as set forth in the Memorandum of Association and income and property of the Association from whatever source derived shall be solely towards the promoting the objects of the Association and no portion whereof shall be paid by whereof dividend profit, bonus to any member, office bearer of the Association, or otherwise, violation of this condition shall the personnel responsibility of the bearers of Association and the members concerned.
  24. The promoters of the Association shall not be paid employees of the Association and also be paid employees in any manner.